Apricot EDU: How to Open a Long Position Farming Strategy

  • How to open a long position farming strategy.
  • What the user’s max borrow limit is, what Apricot Assist is and when it is triggered.
  • How to open a market neutral farming strategy.
  • How to open a short position farming strategy.

In this article, we’ll explain how to farm a long position strategy on Apricot.

  • Please note, the rate of return fluctuates depending on interest rates of USDC and SOL, along with the trade volume of the exchange pair SOL-USDC LP pair.
  • The more SOL-USDC trades take place in the liquidity pool, the more fees accrue for liquidity providers, driving upwards the profitability of the strategy.
  • Sally has to pay an annual interest of (5.14%) for borrowing this asset.
  • Her current return on LP Farming is 79.99% and she receives an additional reward in APT of 0.88%
  • Her final APR is 78.6%
Featured in the Apricot ‘Dashboard’
  • As collateral falls in value, portfolio leverage rises alongside Borrow Limit Used.
  • Collateral with a low LTV ratio has less borrowing power.

Stay tuned as we continue to publish more Apricot EDU series segments! If you have additional questions regarding this content, please join our project Discord and reach out to us.



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