Apricot Finance announces “Love and Hate” Meme Contest

2 min readMar 21, 2022


Memes. Their humble beginning started out as a humorous way to relate with one other during early days of the internet, but over time they turned into something more powerful, they turned into one of the most potent strategies to market a project in crypto — Apricot Finance isn’t blind to this, nor are we blind to the talented enthusiasts within our community.

We know making memes is fun, but being paid to make memes is even more fun. Therefore the team at Apricot is pleased to announce its first community Love and Hate meme contest — We invite all our creative and hilarious community members to participate!

Love and hate, MEME IT OUT!

As per usual, like most projects, we adore it when community members give the project praise, but we’re not afraid to poke fun at ourselves either — Hence why we’ll be giving due recognition to both our fans and our haters in this contest.

A separate reward will be designated to a Meme which best incorporates Apricot Assist — Our automated risk management tool which deleverages users’ positions during times of market volatility, a first in decentralized finance.

Post your meme in the #AprMemeContest channel.

Vote for your favorite meme by reacting with the 🔥 emoji. Placements are determined by the # of 🔥 reactions. Only 🔥 will be counted.

Contest Details:

🌏 Contest Venue: Apricot’s Discord, #AprMemeContest channel

🍑 Contest Period: March 22rd 0000–28th 2400 (UTC+8)

🔥 Voting Period: March 22rd 0000–29th 2400 (UTC+8)

Winners will be announced on March 30th.

Have fun!

Apricot’s Official Discord: https://discord.com/invite/C6JrtqZF5U




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