Apricot Finance Announces Project Galaxy Campaign Lottery Winners

2 min readApr 1, 2022


Apricot was pleased to onboard over four thousands new users to our platform via our campaign with Project Galaxy Sol Cool NFT Event.

Each participant who completed Apricot’s listed tasks was entered into a liquidity mining bonus lottery — providing an additional 10% boost to their APT emission rewards with a maximum additional 100 APT at each claim time for 3 months.

Meaning if you were already earning 2000 APT per weekly claim, you would receive 2100 APT if your wallet address is a lottery winner.

Click here to see if your wallet was selected, and view additional lottery information below.

Boost Period:

2022–04–01 12:00:00 AM UTC to 2022–07–01 12:00:00 AM UTC

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All the wallets eligible for the lottery must exist on the official snapshot list that Galaxy provided to us. That list is the only list for the lottery candidates.
  2. The wallet must hold the Apricot-Galaxy NFT by the time the lottery is conducted.
  3. The lottery drawing was conducted on 03/11/2022. The winners on the list satisfy both criteria as of the drawing date.

Lottery Drawn Process:

All winners are drawn using an immutable random algorithm to preserve the fairness and randomness. The algorithm ensures:

  1. The drawing result is purely random.
  2. The drawing result is repeatable, which means the result won’t change no matter how many times it’s been run.

Winner Badge on Reward Tab:

As the winner of the lottery, the APT logo on the reward tab will have a crown badge with Galaxy’s logo. If you can see that, you’re the winner! Congratulations!

Winner Verification:

To be able to claim the 10% boost, you have to pass both the winner and the Apricot NFT verification. Winners list is used to check if a wallet is a winner. Meanwhile, onchain data is used to verify the user is currently holding the Apricot NFT. If you already sold your NFT, you will have to buy it back in order to be able to claim the boost rewards.




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