Apricot Finance Places First in East Asia Category with Second-Highest Prize in Solana Season Hackathon’s Regional Prizes

2 min readJun 24, 2021


Apricot Finance is proud to announce the incredible results our team has achieved in the Solana Season Hackathon! The Solana Foundation has collaborated with various major crypto projects to host an online hackathon to better serve all developers integrating with the ecosystem.

Our team placed first in the East Asia Category of the Hackathon’s Regional Prizes, outrunning the 350 teams that had submitted projects from Defi, NFTs, Web3, and more! Additionally, we are overjoyed to be awarded with the second-highest prize in the event with $40K USDC-SPL!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us through this prosperous journey! This would not be possible without the help of our growing community and it means a lot to us. The things we learned with the other respected teams during the Hackathon will surely help us grow as a team.

We would also like to congratulate and commend the other winners of the Hackathon, who have achieved incredible results with their hard work and talent! Here’s a snapshot of the top winners in this competition:

First Place (Prize: $52.5K): Orca Arb

Second Place (Prize: $40K): Apricot Finance, Everlend

Third Place (Prize $30K): Zeta, HOAG

Apricot Finance will continue to aim for an inclusive and decentralized finance solution in the blockchain industry and help the global community achieve their financial goals with our efficient offerings.

Stay tuned on our social media for our future plans with Apricot Finance!

About Apricot Finance

Apricot Finance is a decentralized platform for devolved financial solutions, providing over-collateralized loan protocols to its users. The company provides low liquidation penalties with high predictability in outcome with our project “Apricot Lend”. A 2-hour liquidation guarantee “Apricot Rescue” has also been established to give borrowers security in position clearing within a short time. Our ultimate aspiration is to make Apricot the go-to platform for personalized DeFi solutions, enabling everyone to “Defi the way you Defi”.

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