Apricot Finance Refurbishes Token Emission Architecture & Utility

2 min readJan 17, 2022


With a new year comes new exciting improvements to the Apricot Finance protocol, made in order to reinforce healthy economic incentives of the protocol’s future growth.

The team is pleased to announce the refurbishment of Apricot’s platform emissions, both platform liquidity mining architecture and APT utility implementation.

Updates to Liquidity Mining Architecture

For reference, overall liquidity mining emission is 100M APT per year (10% of total supply).

🍑 Liquidity Mining Emission Refurbishments

The following are the updated emission market weights by assets:

*Weights in the table are subject to further adjustments in the future

🍑 Extending Liquidity Mining Claim Time

  • Currently, liquidity mining rewards are made available for claim on every Monday. For example, rewards earned on Week 1 are immediately available at the start of Week 2.
  • The updated scheme will make rewards available once every week. There is also a lockup period of 1 week. That is, rewards earned during Week 1 will be available for claim on Week 3, and rewards earned during Week 2 will be available for claim on Week 4.

Updates to Token Utility within the Apricot Platform

At Apricot, we’re very proud of the headway we’ve made by developing innovative risk management tools for our farmers and the DeFi ecosystem. We’re excited to now marry this innovation with our platform’s tokenomics.

🍑 New Staking-Dependent Liquidity Mining Rates

Users who wish to receive full liquidity mining rewards are required to hold 0.1% of their net deposit as APT in order to earn 100% reward emissions, otherwise rewarded emissions are halved by 50%.

🍑 Staking-Pegged Assist 2.0 Feature Access

  • At the present, Assist 1.0 is offered completely for free.
  • Assist 2.0, allowing users to cover a wider range of market scenarios and provide stronger protection against liquidation, will offer features that require APT staking to be enabled. Details for this will be made available as we approach the release of Assist 2.0.

🍑 Effective Time for Changes

  • Update to emission rate and distribution weights: January 24th
  • Staking-dependent liquidity mining: January 31st
  • 1-week reward lockup: Rewards from this week (Jan 17th to Jan 23rd) will be available on January 24th. Rewards from next week (Jan 24th to Jan 30th) will be available on February 7th. All subsequent rewards will also also have a 1-week lockup period.

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