Apricot Finances releases new feature: P&L Tracking

2 min readJun 16, 2022


Although we’ve entered a bear market, the building doesn’t stop over here at Apricot Finance.

The team is excited to announce our latest feature: P&L Tracking.


When we launched the first iteration of Apricot, early feedback from users was that it was difficult to track portfolio performance across lending and farming positions — we only provided a simple overall performance APY metric.

Apricot’s new P&L Tracker allows users to snapshot their portfolio performance on a daily basis and compare to future ones via our user dashboard, providing a performance graph which displays all gains and losses over time across positions and their aggregate. Let’s dive into it!

P&L Tracker

Apricot users can view their P&L Tracker on the account dashboard. The tracker includes the following features:

  • Ability to select a time frame of position metric screenshots
  • Ability to plot the performance of screenshots over time.

To take screenshot your portfolio metrics on a given day: click “Screenshot” on the right menu bar.

To view a list of your screenshots: hover over the red icons on the calendar view and click “# Screenshots” in green text to see your data points.

To view a graph of your portfolio screenshot performance, click “Plot Screenshots”.

Above you can see the historical weekly performance of your data.

Once the user plots their snapshots, they have the ability to isolate their portfolio asset by performance, as well as view the sum selected.

To view the exact values of their portfolio at a given time, hover over the data point to view.

Apricot hopes this our new P&L Tracker provides more clarity to our users with regards to portfolio management. For additional feedback to improve the product, we encourage our users to reach out to us on our Discord. 🍑




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