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We want to know how you feel about Apricot🍑

Expression of interest

Apricots! Our team is over the moon that we had over in within the first of our mainnet launch.

Now, we’re getting geared up for our impending public launch and as part of that excitement, we want to know how you feel about Apricot and what you’re most interested in.

How will you use Apricot? What’s your experience been like so far? How much do you think you’ll invest on the platform? 🙌

To make this easy, we created to gather intel about you and your interests. The Apricot form will be open for one week, starting today, October 28th.

Don’t miss your chance to tell us what you think!

About us: Apricot Finance is a next-generation lending protocol on Solana, offering cross-margin leveraged yield farming and an automated self-deleveraging mechanism that enables users to maximize returns while maintaining downside protection. In the future, Apricot plans to tap into the concept of securitization in traditional finance to explore sustainable solutions for bad debt processing.

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A next-generation lending protocol that offers cross-margin leveraged yield farming with downside protection