Road-to-Mainnet Quiz Winner Announcement

🍑 Do you know us well enough to be #ApricotTop 10?

Yes, Apricot runs on one of the fastest blockchains in the world.
Our primary offerings include Apricot Lend, X-Farm and Apricot Assist.
We use a kinked interest rate model, where computation of the interest rate is separated into two stages.
Borrow Limit Used is the ratio between Total Borrow Value and Max Borrow Value, and ranges from 0% to 100%.
Users are NOT required to own any LP constituents to X-Farm.
Smaller difference will less likely lead to non-trivial slippage when deleveraging takes place.
Thanks for all your support, our amazing investor community!

Let’s see how many of you got it all right 👀

Now is time to announce #ApricotTop10🥳



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A next-generation lending protocol that offers cross-margin leveraged yield farming with downside protection