We are hiring engineers!

Apricot Finance is thrilled to announce it will again be bolstering its development team with additional frontend and backend developers.

Apricot is one of the largest lending protocols on Solana. We are building the next-gen DeFi platform to help users safely and efficiently deploy their funds for improved yields.

If you desire to become a crucial part of a fast paced and tight-knit team, sharing a common hunger to evolve the world of finance and help us build out our product offerings — We invite you to apply.

Please apply by submitting your CV to careers@apricot.one.

Position: Frontend / React / JS(TS) Engineer


  • Implement graphic-rich React components in accordance with design
  • Acquire working knowledge of various interest/reward rate computation and yield farming strategies by communicating with team members and through personal experience


  • Experienced track record in using React and HTML/CSS to build graphic-rich web applications
  • Experience with TypeScript and Node.js
  • Experience with canvas is a bonus
  • Experience with rust is a bonus, but not required
  • Demonstrated interest in the crypto industry
  • Personal experience in leveraged yield farming is a huge bonus
  • Previous experience with DeFi projects is a bonus, though not required
  • Fluency in English

Position: Smart Contract & JS(TS) Infrastructure Engineer


  • Communicate with team members to acquire an intimate understanding of Apricot’s smart contract and operation logic (including lending, farming)
  • Implement, maintain, and test our Solana smart contracts (Rust)
  • Implement and maintain our protocol infrastructure components (TypeScript)
  • Code base consolidation and process automation


  • Experience with Rust and JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Experience maintaining and testing robust infrastructure-level applications
  • Ability to proactively absorb complex technical designs
  • Experience with test driven development is a bonus
  • Basic experience of CICD process
  • Experience writing smart contracts for Solana is a huge bonus
  • Previous experience with financial applications / DeFi protocols is a huge bonus
  • Fluency in English

About Apricot Finance:

The team at Apricot is distributed and fully remote. We welcome applicants from any timezone as long as they can communicate effectively in English. Team members may choose their own working hours as long as work items can be delivered on time.


We offer competitive compensation to both full time and part-time hires. The compensation package will include base (or hourly) salary, event/deliverable-based bonuses, and our protocol token for members who can grow to take on greater responsibilities.



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